The Pig Cup
* Consist of 3 players - 2 guys and 1 girl/kid
* Players can substitute in for another player as long as the team satisfies the above rule

Tournament Setup:
* Single or double elimination tournament depending on the number of participants.

* Each game consists of 3 innings
* There is a 30 minute maximum time limit for each game
* In the event of a tie, extra innings will be played, but each team will start with a man on second base

* 3 strikes and you are out
* No walks
* One player per team (the girl/kid) is allowed to use the bigger bat
* A hit that does not make it past the arc is an out
* A hit past the arc is a single
* A hit that touches the wall on the ground is a double
* A hit that touches the wall on the fly is a triple
* A hit that clears the wall is a homerun
* A hit through a hole in the wall is an in the park homerun
* If a hit directly touches one of the poles it is a homerun

* Must be a clean catch to be an out, you cannot just stop the ball from crossing the arc
* Anything dropped is a single, except if it is dropped over the wall then it is a homerun

* Players on the winning team can write their names on the prestigious "Pig Cup"

Field Dimensions:
* 80 ft from home plate to the wall, in all directions
* Arc is 40 ft from home plate

The Field

* If there are any disputes, decisions are made by the commissioner
* Commissioner's decisions are final
* This years commissioner is Tim Paff.